Friday, October 15, 2010

Top 100 websites in Mauritius

Owning a blog is one of the nicest things that could happen to anyone and most bloggers would agree with me on that. However, having a blog in the top 10 blogs of the country is overwhelmingly blissful and I suppose the words would lack to describe that. Apart from the shameful afrigator ranking which seems to be working depending on its humour !! .. I said shameful not because of my ranking there ( I recently checked and I was 3rd or 4th) but because of the stupid server that seems to be always offline or not accepting requests. Well, There had to be alternatives. There are always alternatives to everything on the web. Everyone would agree to that with me. Except in rare exceptions, which are very rare and which I probably did not come across in the past 3 months or so.

So I checked out with Alexa. For the Novice, Alexa is a website that utilizes algorithms and complex stuffs to rank most websites on the net. So, They happen to have a listing of the Top visited websites. I have compiled the list below for you. Anyway, here you go:
  1. Facebook
  2. Google Mauritius
  3. Google
  4. Youtube
  5. Yahoo!
  6. Windows Live
  7. Wikipedia
  9. MSN
  10. Orange
  12. L'Express
  13. eBay
  14. Free one-click file hosting!
  15. Megaupload
  16. Servihoo!
  17. Rapidshare
  18. Twitter
  19. Bing
  21. Zynga Inc.
  22. Government of Mauritius
  23. Microsoft Corporation
  25. Vinivi
  26. MediaFire
  28. Google Uk
  29. The Internet Movie Database
  32. MyJob - Jobs in Mauritius
  33. Full Free Porn Videos & DVDs - Sex, Porno, Porn Tube, Free XXX Porn
  34. LiveScore
  35. Youporn
  36. Mauritius Commercial Bank
  38. BBC Online
  42. About
  43. Katz Downloads
  45. Islandinfo
  46. Le Matinal
  47. Megavideo
  48. Expat Blog
  49. Neuf Mois Magazine
  51. Clicksor
  53. Travian
  54. LinkedIn
  55. Go
  56. Le Mauricien
  58. ESPN
  59. RedTube
  61. Flickr
  62. Free
  64. L'internaute
  66. Apple Inc.
  68. PayPal
  69. Ask
  70. 302 Found
  73. GSM Arena
  74. The Pirate Bay
  75. XTEND Media
  80. Fastclick
  86. Sbmonline
  87. The Mauritius Turf Club
  88. Myspace
  89. CNET
  90. OverBlog
  91. Tagged
  92. Free sex videos, Sex tube, Free Porn movies -
  94. - Free Porn Videos - Your Porn Tube Sex Site, Porno, Free Porn
  95. 4shared
  97. Photobucket image hosting and photo sharing
  99. AVG | Antivirus and Security Software
We can see that the most read online newspaper is L'express which is well infront of its competitors despite their efforts, they are still lagging behind. Specailly Le Mauricien being 4th and last newspaper on the list. Le Matinal which is the Newcomer and putting up a lot of efforts is 3rd on the List. Maybe soon in the 1st or 2nd place!!

Search Engines
Google, Yahoo!, Bing in that order.  Google having a net lead on its 2 competitors, however, It was much expected. Since, Google is integrated as homepage on firefox and firefox being the recent trend and present on more than 60% of computers (from my blog stats), it was quite normal in the end that google is at the top. Bing far behind Yahoo!.

Social Websites
Facebook is the leading social website, whether in mauritius or globally. The however, has been wiped out of the mauritian www map. It is not present in the top 100 which suggests its decline amongst the Mauritius web users.Badoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace and Tagged following behind. Twitter is becoming very popular among the Mauritians. Same for LinkedIn which is mainly popular for business and +20 age groups. Myspace and Tagged still present in the top 100 and probably going down these days.
Note: Badoo is seen to be using spam like e-mails to make people join in. I do not think Badoo deserves its place there.

Video Tubes
Youtube, is with no surprise the Top Tube in the World with millions of titles. Seemingly the only on the list for non-adult contents with Megavideo. 7 websites featuring adult videos are on the list which is quite surprising. The Mauritians were not known to be that much consumers of porn. anyways! Let's Move on.

Sharing Websites
The top 3 are Free one-click file hosting!, Megaupload and Rapidshare. They are one rank after each other. I will not say which one is 1st or 2nd. It is probably fluctuating each month!. The next on the list is MediaFire, Filestube and Fileserve. They deserve their respective places too.

Banking Services
The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd. is well ahead of the State Bank Mauritius Ltd. on the web. Is it due to the popularity of MCB amongst 18-25 or the popularity of the State Bank amongst the +40 age group which is not so fond of internet Banking. Time will tell.

Spam Websites
Clicksor, Travian, and are the top 3 and most annoying spam websites on the Mauritian Web!.

TV Websites
That should be a big blow for MBC Tv !! They are not even on the list ! BBC online and are well on the list !

Surprises !!!!! [Must Read] - What is this site doing on the list ? Who are the persons trying to visit this website and so recently that its in the top 30 - I wonder how this can be popular ! Why would 1000s visitors go to visit this website for making a toolbar !!

Go - I wonder what Mauritians go there for ! To be Honest, It is the first time I heard about this.,, L'internaute, XTEND Media,,,, - Again !! extremely surprised !!

Servihoo! - I have started to think since the past 4 years that servihoo was dead !! This one is a real surprise to me .. and what is more surprising is that it is in the top 100 websites of Mauritius !

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