Monday, March 14, 2011

Khadafi, Freemasons, MMM, Lexpress and Maldives!

Khadafi, Freemasons, MMM, Lexpress newspaper and the maldives, what do all of these have to do with us ? or if you prefer with Mauritius ?. They are all linked to Mauritius indeed now, in the past and probably in the future. The Khadafi family for example have reigned for 4 decades on libya and invested the oil dollars in hundreds of companies worldwide with the approval of governments under the foreign direct investment. Mauritius, through his ex-finance minister, has been bragging a lot about its record FDI ! over the past 5 years. Where does that money come from ?. Odds are that some of them come from libya under US / UK / CH based companies..

Khadafi's sons come to Mauritius on Business / Holidays

While the Khadafi family is killing hundreds of people and bombarding entire villages in libya, our local newspaper L'express dimanche gives 2-3 pages solely on the business of the khadafi. The business of the khadafi ? Isn't that libyan money that they are stealing and using as their own ?. What do we care about the business of the khadafi family ? They spend millions in hotels in Mauritius. So what ?. When they kill others, we should still open our doors to criminals for them to have leisure time here ?. The L'express newspaper should have instead put 3 pages of pictures of the dead people and published an article on the european countries who are supporting the bloodshed in libya by refusing to take action. The UN are also to be blamed. They are waiting for a genocide like in sarajevo or kosovo to react ?.

Freemasonry in Mauritius
Freemasonry has been a very secret society in Mauritius since its beginning. The sect is very secretive all around the world for special reasons. It is a network of people who are well off and at the top of companies and parastatal bodies in Mauritius and all around the world. The Freemasonry sect had a lot of problems in France where judges were sentenced for "traffic d'influence". They used their network of contacts to promote people who are in their brotherhood and dismiss cases where their people are accused. That's for the cases in France. In Mauritius, it would be completely illegal to act in such manners too. However, here it would be more likely be an offend to the equal opportunities act and the sex discrimination act. 
Why the sex discrimination act? simply because only males are accepted in the Freemasonry sect.

The Media (Lexpress) prepared the population with a familiarization step some months ago. The article explained with some details the practices of the Freemasonry without going much in detail. This was a step whereby the Mauritians would get some kind of curiosity for the sect.
This week the Grand Master of the sect gave an interview to L'express ! and from his answers, you can smell that it is someone who knows marketing. He plays with the words he uses and makes the sect appealing without doing too much in order to keep your curiosity wide open. 

Harish Boodhoo, L'express and The Freemasonry
The timing for this interview came just in time !.. to counter attack the arguments of Harish Boodhoo who is defaming the people who are attached to the Freemasonry society in Mauritius. Harish Boodhoo talked in front of 3000 persons in front of the Sun Trust Bldg and The L'express newspaper wrote that their were 300 persons at the meeting !. The article was only 1/4 (one quarter) of the page. For a man who is gathering day after day more people. A quarter of a page is more than disgusting for a nearly 80pages weekly. Simply stunning. But that's only the start of it. Read more .. 

MMM and L'express
The MMM who is no more able to gather as much people as before is losing speed everywhere around Mauritius and will seemingly lose the next municipal elections if trends go like this. And who is grasping marks on the political scene ? Harish Boodhoo. While the newspaper gives only 1/4 of a page to Bhai Harish. A whole article is written for Paul Berenger and that he should leave the place for others. A whole rebranding strategy written for MMM from L'express first page !. Who cared about MMM and its sinking boat this week?. This is typically what is happening in Arab countries. While the populations are asking for other people at the head of the state. The governments are kicking off the top figures and keeping the others. The arabs were not stupid enough to gulp the farce. Do they think the Mauritians will ?. The Mauritians want new faces at the government. And that's it. And what's more hilarious, the paper itself gave the name of the job that PRB could take afterwards !.. "senior statesman" ! Let me laugh. 

The father sold it to the US, What if the son sells it to the Maldives ?
The Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed is in Mauritius for a couple of days as he was "invited" as guest of honor for the Independance day. But this is absolutely no coincidence. Mauritius is fighting over the sovereignship of Diego archipelago and the Maldives are looking for a land of hope since their islands are supposed to disappear in 3-4 decades with the rise of sea level. The Maldives are however not begging for a piece of land in batterie casser or Gris gris!. They have put up a plan since a decade already. A percentage of the profits they obtain from the tourism activities are put into that fund so that they can buy a place to live afterwards. They have been prospecting to buy a piece of Ethiopia in the past. But, the people of Maldives would definitely not be able to adapt with the locals and the climate. One great solution for them would be the Diego archipelago which can be sold or rented to them as long as they build tourism industry there with their funds and pay the Mauritian government a rent. This would create jobs for Mauritians and at the same time bring Money to the Mauritian economy with no investments. This is the kind of deal that Ramgoolam and Nasheed could be pondering over.

My Word:
We are assisting to Media conspiracies whereby the population is kept in the dark in order to be kept under control. The Mauritians are kept on the dark also on the Libyan crisis which might gives ideas or inspire the Mauritians to rebel against the power for a true democracy. The opposition seems as days are passing by to be an opposition which only reacts to events. Like the Medpoint scandal for example. Since the past elections, the leader of the opposition has not been very ferocious against the government and neither has the opposition members been convincing in their role either. As a fellow citizen of this banana republic, we should at focusing on all the details that the media is trying to force down our throats. 

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