Friday, August 28, 2009

Gaza Needs Your Voices Now

On this special month .. Gaza and West bank is following the Roza which is not eating or drinking from dawn to dusk like the millions of muslims on Earth.
Palestinian children and women and elders did not wait for ramadhan to fast.
They simply do not have food.
They do not have water.
They do not Electricity.
They do not have a shelter.
Children do not have family.
Obama, Sarkozy, Brown, Merkel, Mitchel, Leaders of this world, western or not. All agreed.
Israel Should STOP CoLoNiZation.
But Israel will not. They want to continue the Genocide of Palestinian people. They want to take their anger onto palestinians because of the Nazi holocaust. The World has given them the right to kill and to take out anger on palestinians.

Join This Group and Invite Your friends : HELP: Gaza Needs Your Voices NOW
Other Link: Children for Justice


Save a child. Help someone.
Give a pence. Give bread.
Open your mouth.
Voice it out.
Stop the shame.
Let them breathe.

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