Thursday, May 1, 2014


Animu - Anime Creators in Mauritius

The many anime lovers out there will be damn glad to stumble on this article. We came across some anime creators who happen to also make small artefacts of their creators. They were under a tent near the 1st of May meeting today at Beau Bassin. Here are a few shots of their stand and what we bought. 

If you like what they do, check them out at: 

  Here are some snapshots:

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1st May in Mauritius

Unlike the past years where thousands would attend the usual labor day meetings of political parties to obtain some bryani, money, or to show their love for their respective political parties, this year the biggest political parties decided not to make any political meetings due mainly to the fact that they are still not sure with whom they want to make an alliance with. 
Unlike the previous years, we wanted to check out the Mouvment 1er Mai which made its political meeting near the police station at Beau Bassin. The Mouvman premier mai allows political observers to share their views on the current issues in Mauritius and to take the mic on the platform.
It was mostly the type of gathering where you can bring your family and walk around, .. well that's what we did and it was very pleasant. 
Anyways, here are some pictures:

Not many people are actually into going to meetings on the 1st of May .. Maybe all parties and movements should cancel those. Just Wondering !!! 

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