Monday, May 9, 2016


Depenalization of Cannabis in Mauritius

About the recent crackdown on activitists for the depenalization of cannabis in Mauritius, We have a clear opinion on the matter:
1. We are not for legalization of cannabis in Mauritius as up to now but we are for a debate on the matter.
2. We clearly are against any brutality, using of brutality against activists and the people of Mauritius is totally unacceptable.
3. We urge the government and all stakeholders to come forward with a civil debate on the matter.
4. While cultural reasons might be an important point, on such matter where health is concerned, a more scientific approach is a priority.
5. Advice of countries such as Netherlands should be sought in dealing with a depenalization of such drug.
6. Researches should be made on the impact of such depenalization on our soil
7. We are a sovereign state with a democratically elected government, on such cases where they have not been mandated to act, they should advice for a debate and national referendum to give their consent for such decision.
Here's our 5 cents.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Mauritius in 2016

kisanla pou coz pou ou ? 

PTR-MMM-MSM-PMSD tousala 1 sel sa..

Comier scandal fine touffer..?

ou fine blier ?
Zordi EOC pe dire ena case pa prioriter

Voila ki apel vrai changement: 
- Nou bizen aret dinasti politik: zis 2 MANDAT pu PM ek PRESIDENT
- Nou bizen met enn frein tou GASPIYAZ cass ki tou banes guvernma fine fer.. kifer minis bizen roule dan bel bagnole.. fer zot roule dan bis zot va conne souffrance lepep
- Nou bizen arette donn tou bizness ek later TI COPINS ek TI COPINES.. kan morisien pou prosperer?
- Nou bizen fer parlman travay toute lane et ran conte ki zot fer.. sinon paye zot nek kan zot travay..
- Nou bizen okip TOU DIMOUN dan la penn.. ene ti pays kumsa.. autan dimoune dan problemes.. ena p mort lakoz pena cash pou fer loperation..
- Nou bizen donn SANS EGAL tou dimoun pu reissi dans la vi.. kifer ena p pass par limposte p fini vine etc..
- Nou bizen aret destriksyion LANVIRONMAN ek LA NATIR.. tourist vine guet nu natir.. lanvironman si nu gat li.. nou zenfan so lavenir pou en danzer..
- Nou bizen kre travay pu TOU SOMER ek GRADUE SOMER.. bizen faire travay dan secteur ki nou ena competence ensuite nou forme bane zeness dan secteur ki nou p rode developer..
- Nou bizen donn enn meyer service lasante - ARET NEGLIZANS
- Nou bizen redonn LAPOLIS SO VALER ek redress Law and Order dan Pei.. 

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