Monday, October 5, 2009

100th Post - KFC closed !

100th Blog Post - Woohooo .. lolzz. Big Up to Myself !! hahahahha
Let's immortalise this .. exactly @20:50 lolz!!
This post came up into my mind yesterday night while watching des terres et des hommes, by yann artus bertrand. The film went on to show how chicken was manufactured, then beef and finally pigs.
The chicken didn't or rarely see sunlight, some were handicapped, at birth, there first contact is with a machine, then transferred on conveyor belts to the screening to select the most sick which are not sent to be let grown up. They are immediately sent to be crushed in a tumbler like machine.
The other chickens are stored in racks and then taken to the breeding shelter. They are stored there for 6-8 weeks are which they are taken in the dark so that they stay calm. Then again the conveyor belt as they were brought when they were born. They are tied upside down on another conveyor and given electric shocks so that they pass out. Then, a rotary cutter slice their throats. After which, they are selected by weight and packed !! .. That's mass production of Chicken !! .. Example of companies using Mass produced chicken are KFC, Burger King, Mc Donald for the most well known.
The Pigs are brought up in small cages of 0.66metres wide !! .. At birth, their tails are cut, since they are like stored in cages, they tend to eat their friends infront of them. They cannot move nor walk!! They stay like that till they are killed.

KFC mauritius has been given a prohibition order to stop its activities after a virus has been detected in its chicken !! .. Furthermore, the flour packs are not labelled thus we cannot know which flour it is, whether animal flour, pig flour or rat flour !!! ..

Ever got a disgusting taste while eating a KFC product ??
Ever had a savourless soft drink at KFC ??
It has been found that KFC had expired soft drinks and expired chickens !!
YOU could have eaten those products ...

My Advice : STOP eating MASS PRODUCED meat, whether chicken, beef or Porc.
P.S : I recommend everyone to watch Des terres et des hommes and HOME.

UPDATE : The infected chickens contain salmonella bacteria [Click on Link to know what is that Salmonela Bacteria and what it does to your belly.]

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  1. I was awaiting the first post on this topic :P

    We all know how its bad for health to eat KFC, but we are so tempted.
    Have u ever tried to squeeze the large piece or the zinger? pfff.

    Anyway, it tastes so good and people will forget the bacteria in a few days, as soon as its opened.

  2. :)) lolz.. yeaa but when hot, nothing can actually equal a zinger or a piece of crispy strips hihihi lolz... :))
    Yeaa.. I hope I also forget it soon and can eat some zingers ..
    But the Only point everyone should keep in mind while eating fast food, Now, Whenever you get an odd taste, you can assume something is wrong and report it..
    Longtemps we had a bit confiance and didn't know even Big companies like KFC could b closed down !! that's huge !!

    Thumbs up to minister Tang.

  3. Lol... couma dir sa poule la mari mank zot lol...

  4. Add me to your blogroll (Mauritian Blog)SL


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