Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The 10 biggest Media Lies

The lies of the Western Media are now being unveiled ..The many "facts" that we have learned throughout our childhood about the creation of Israel, were most of them lies which were fed to our mind by the media.

Here is a video about the lies .. :

The Western Media also despised the President Ahmadinejad as a terrorist and Racist ! .. This man .. is not again jews, but israel as a country. Because, Israel says it is a country made for jewish people, meaning all other persons are of second grade. Israel by its constitution does not have boundaries, thus it is liable of colonizing anywhere around and increasing its size. Israel is a racist state who is refusing all peace treaties and peace with the palestinians since 60 years. 

They have colonized the lands of the palestinians, the palestinians are oppressed and cannot live in peace. The United Nations says that any population which is oppressed has the right to defend itself by any means possible and available. This is what the palestinians are doing and it is NOT terrorism. It is simply defending themselves.

See the video below and Judge for yourself, is Ahmadinejad a racist ?? :

A little update on the truths.. Historical facts by a true historian .. and he is even Jew !!

Below are those 3 special persons .. who had the COURAGE to tell the truth .. would you be Next in spreading those truths ??

On peut caricaturé le prophete p.b.u.h mais pas un colon juif .. ça c'est la liberté d'expression la française !!
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