Saturday, November 13, 2010

15 storey building built in 48Hours! See the video !

China is becoming the most powerful country in the world but that is not only due to its workforce potential with hundreds of millions of souls. China has been headed by a politicians who have most of them an engineering background and it is one of the rare countries where engineers are found at the top of state where decisions are made. Engineers aim for higher productivity but also for ways of doing things differently. In an era, where people in France are carrying strikes against the increase in the no. of years to work, where people in USA are fighting for healthcare, the Chinese people which is definitely one of the most hardworking population in the world is showing all of us the way to success. 

engineering prowess
Chinese talents are coming with innovations in all fields year after year and today they have shown without doubts that they built a 15 storey building in 48 hours and furnish it completely in 6 days. This kind of production system is one that all engineers tend to design in any fields they work in. After the flat packed furniture from china, in the years to come, maybe our buildings will come flat packed from china. With the prefab structures, there are no wastage of materials, or very less and one of the advantages of prefab is that you know exactly how it will look after. The structure of the building is able to resist level 9 earthquakes and is a pure engineering jewel. From the core of the structure to the finish. It is one of the most innovative buildings in the world. Our cyber-city tower which was crowned the most intelligent building is definitely not up to the level. Hopefully, companies in Mauritius will see the potential in this innovative engineering prowess of Chinese engineers and will be well advised to take it as a model of production efficiency.

Find below the video of the construction of the Ark Hotel on a time lapse video:

Do you think this kind of buildings will ever exist in Mauritius ? Does the People of Mauritius have the potential for such a technological and engineering prowess ? please comment below..

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