Friday, March 15, 2013

Free Alain Bertrand! Free Mauritius

Alain Bertrand, an activist for the association Azir Moris, has been arrested for trying to deploy a banner with "NO TO COAL" written on it. This action was supposed to raise awareness of the population with regards to the project of the construction of a coal powered plant in Albion. This project is regarded as a threat to the environment by many ecologists locally and abroad. 

Already 3 days that Alain Bertrand is being detained in police custody and the police opposed his appeal to obtain a caution. He will be remanded to police cell until the 20th of March until the next court hearing.

At this stage, we cannot remain insensible to the plight of this man who only wanted to raise awareness about the protection of the environment which is important for everyone living on the island as we are all on the same ship. 

We understand the concerns of the authority that the Mauritian flag should not be disrespected and as patriots we feel that the Mauritian flag has been used with a lot of disrespect while been held under an helicopter for the Independence day or when a parachutist had it attached in his back, it is not to be used like a mantle. 

We strongly feel that it is adding insult to injury that is remanding him to police cell while criminals and others are given caution and liberty on parole as the man has shown that his type of protest is a pacific one and had absolutely no intentions of hurting people or disrupting public order. 

I, therefore, urge the population and the concerned authorities to liberate this fighter for the nature on humanitarian grounds as his intentions were only to safeguard the nature for ourselves and our children. I urge my dear readers to lobby for the release of Alain Bertrand. If, like us, you feel that he deserves to be a Free Man and that we need a Free Mauritius where pacific protests can take place, copy the picture below and share it on your facebook and with your friends.

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