Saturday, November 23, 2013

InfoTech 2013 Sucks ! Read my misadventures.. ! #Mauritius

I suddenly felt a strong urge to write a post this evening after some 2 weeks of silence-radio since Nitin Chinen got arrested. But, here i am. So let's get started. Infosuck, is a yearly event, meant to show the new technologies and advancement in technology. However, as you would have understood and witnessed, it has become more of a techno-bazar over the years. Not so long ago, it was forbidden to sell stuffs at the Infosuch but seemingly this is no more the rule. In the ICT field as in many other fields, some Mauritian companies seem to suck big time at customer care and training their employees on how to deal with customers. 

Yes, Everyone is a potential customer of your company until you piss off the person. It is the same rule as "innocent until proven guilty" and this time I prove at least 1 company guilty.
why ?
Well read this:
Me: alor (hello), kuma faire pou zouer lors LAN (Local Aread Network) la ?
le con: demande bane piti par laba la
Me: mais mo trouve ena tshirt fast-clique lors twa, ek mo trouve fast-clique lors stand LAN la sameme mo p demande twa
le con: man, mo pa p travay la, mo p manzer
Me: aller rite korek sa, pa kass latet..

What to say ! Can i force the person to show me what to do to play ? I just want to say that company sucks big time for employing such basterds. Here's a picture of the stand:

Game on !
I went to the New Identity Card stand where they are giving off pamphlets and stuffs to convince people to join .. and guess what ? 
Le Girl: Sorry, vous n'avez pas le droit de prendre des photos du ID card. 
Le Moi: Mais, c'est pas un sample sa? 
Le Girl: Oui mais vous n'avez pas le droit de prendre des photos parcequ'il y a des mesures de securité, quand vous aurez la votre vous pourrez prendre une photo. 
Le Moi : Je suis un bloggeur, c'est surtout pour informer les gens et qu'ils puissent voir à quoi ça ressemble!. 
Le Girl: Non, mais, vous n'avez pas le droit, le pamphlet vous pouvez prendre en photo et mettre!.
And by then, I was like WTF !! .. They want to take my fingerprints, take my picture in 3d or whatever and I cannot even take a picture of their sample ID !. WTF is going on !.

As would say the Frenchmen, Jamais deux sans trois. So, here is the third one!. The supposedly 3D TV really need to change its name. The video is blurred without the glasses, and fine with the glasses which is absolutely normal but it is nowhere near any 3D experience you would expect.
My opinion: You might want to wait some more before getting one of those !

 (Click on the picture to see enlarged version)
  (Click on the picture to see enlarged version)
  (Click on the picture to see enlarged version)
 I have the great pleasure to present you the Miss Elite Busines School ! :) lol
 Vertical world in Collaboration with Nokia trying to drag some people to their stand though people are massively going for brands like HTC, Huawei, Iphone and Samsung since some time and Nokia has lost a considerable market share.

HTC proposing some good deals as well for the Infosuks, while buying an HTC one, you obtain an HTC Desire C as a gift ! which is in itself a great deal as like our blogger friend, you can sell yours as its new and original price around Rs 6000, you will have like Rs 5000 more off the price of the HTC one !.

Do write some comments in the section below, anonymously if you wish, to let us know about your opinions on the event and any misadventures with that sh*t company ! 

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