Monday, November 19, 2018

Blog Re-initialized, Mauritius politics going crazy!

4 years nearly since my baby was born amidst the turmoil of the 2014 general election voting day. Since then, true to say priorities changed but I also gave some credits to the lepep government and kept faith sooner or later something good would eventually crop up.

4 years later - the lepep government has already exploded and only 2 parties, correct me if i am wrong, are leading the government today.
We all know what happened in the end which is also a new beginning for others. These events however should however open the eyes of the Mauritians.

None of our elected opposition parties felt the need or responsibility to do this. Therefore their "lacheter" confirms to me that they all form part of a big cartel.. They have been here for more than 5 decades - including so-called alternative parties.. 

Changing things won't be easy and at some point in time we can even ask ourselves, would it be worth it?

Friday, November 17, 2017

LaPlaz Moris - Aret Kokin Boneum

Morisien / Morisienne

Ine l'heure pour ou rende ou conte ki pe ariver dans sa pays la.

Pa reste boucou avant ki ou vine locataire dans ou prop pays.

Longtemps kan ou envi ou alle bor la plaz ou camper..

zordi ou bizen dimande permission ek beach authority

Avant lors nimporte ki laplaz ou alle camper

Zordi la plaz publik nepli ena meme

Kuma nou pe dire dans sa video obas la - dans pa lontan olieu ou alle relax laplaz

ou pou bizen alle relax dans la foret parski nek sameme ki pou rester

Ena enkore boucou pou kozer - lontan mo fine reste trankil - tro lontan

Ine l'heure pou re vine met ene dialog ek zot lepep de moris

Parski pays la kot pialer pa pe korek ditout - tanne dire p rode tire rond point met robot!

Bon - ena telman lactualiter - keep tuned - nou pou revine ek 1 lotte ti mesaz serier

Pa blier partaz messaz la..

Monday, May 9, 2016

Depenalization of Cannabis in Mauritius

About the recent crackdown on activitists for the depenalization of cannabis in Mauritius, We have a clear opinion on the matter:
1. We are not for legalization of cannabis in Mauritius as up to now but we are for a debate on the matter.
2. We clearly are against any brutality, using of brutality against activists and the people of Mauritius is totally unacceptable.
3. We urge the government and all stakeholders to come forward with a civil debate on the matter.
4. While cultural reasons might be an important point, on such matter where health is concerned, a more scientific approach is a priority.
5. Advice of countries such as Netherlands should be sought in dealing with a depenalization of such drug.
6. Researches should be made on the impact of such depenalization on our soil
7. We are a sovereign state with a democratically elected government, on such cases where they have not been mandated to act, they should advice for a debate and national referendum to give their consent for such decision.
Here's our 5 cents.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mauritius in 2016

kisanla pou coz pou ou ? 

PTR-MMM-MSM-PMSD tousala 1 sel sa..

Comier scandal fine touffer..?
ou fine blier ?
Zordi EOC pe dire ena case pa prioriter

Voila ki apel vrai changement: 
- Nou bizen aret dinasti politik: zis 2 MANDAT pu PM ek PRESIDENT
- Nou bizen met enn frein tou GASPIYAZ cass ki tou banes guvernma fine fer.. kifer minis bizen roule dan bel bagnole.. fer zot roule dan bis zot va conne souffrance lepep
- Nou bizen arette donn tou bizness ek later TI COPINS ek TI COPINES.. kan morisien pou prosperer?
- Nou bizen fer parlman travay toute lane et ran conte ki zot fer.. sinon paye zot nek kan zot travay..
- Nou bizen okip TOU DIMOUN dan la penn.. ene ti pays kumsa.. autan dimoune dan problemes.. ena p mort lakoz pena cash pou fer loperation..
- Nou bizen donn SANS EGAL tou dimoun pu reissi dans la vi.. kifer ena p pass par limposte p fini vine etc..
- Nou bizen aret destriksyion LANVIRONMAN ek LA NATIR.. tourist vine guet nu natir.. lanvironman si nu gat li.. nou zenfan so lavenir pou en danzer..
- Nou bizen kre travay pu TOU SOMER ek GRADUE SOMER.. bizen faire travay dan secteur ki nou ena competence ensuite nou forme bane zeness dan secteur ki nou p rode developer..
- Nou bizen donn enn meyer service lasante - ARET NEGLIZANS
- Nou bizen redonn LAPOLIS SO VALER ek redress Law and Order dan Pei.. 

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Electoral Campaign - Conventional or Campaign 2.0 ? #Mauritius

The dissolution of the assembly having been announced already, the parliamentary elections are close. The date, however, has not yet been disclosed. Being a fine strategist, the prime minister probably will take his time to disclose the date. 

But why? 

Simply because first he wanted to see if people are happy with his alliance with the ex-leader of the opposition and if the same people would be joining their ranks in number. It did NOT happen. To date, on a scale of probability, it seems around half of the population is still undecided on which side to support. 
Second, due to the high number of candidates since both parties can have 60 candidates, a lot of talking needs to be done to avoid any frustrations and to give "guarantees" to some !. So it seems.

Who are the contenders to the parliamentary seats ?

The lists of candidates and parties have not yet been publicly declared but here are some who seem to be going for the elections:
  • FSM
  • MAM
  • MMSD
  • MSM - PMSD - ML
  • PTR - MMM
This time, the political campaign seems to be quite lively with the emerging parties mushrooming these days. 

Some of those are known to be active only during the political campaign while some others are lead by some individuals who are known to be like tomatoes jumping in all sauces for some fame.

A political campaign if we boil it down to the essentials is NOT about banners / flags / alliances / personal attacks / distribution of money / re-surfacing of roads.

If we boil it down to the essentials, what are the elements we need in order to take the decision on which party we need to cast our votes?

We need creative ideas on how the political party will better our day to day life
We need to know what they will do for us, as a nation, during their mandate
We need to see who of those people we can trust
We need to see who of those people we think can administrate our ministries or provide for a true opposition in order and who will maintain its grounds and not join sides with the government
We need to know whether the parties we wish to vote are not asking votes only to take the power
Are the people requesting our votes reliable enough to represent our voice at the national parliament?

So many questions we need to answer ourselves to know if in our constituency we have people who are credible to be voted.

If we do NOT have anyone credible enough, what can we do ?

NOT VOTE ? No - This is the worst we could ever do. 

What we need to do, is to be a candidate ourselves. Even, if it is only to show the way forward and to help others to emerge. 

We are in 2014, we can no more tolerate people putting banners / tagging walls / gluing paper on our walls / putting plastic banners everywhere, etc.. We need in 2014 a modern campaign.

The people have shown their disinterest in conventional campaign by not attending the meetings of the ptr-mmm and msm-pmsd-ml.

I will end with the following lines:

It is during times like those, that we see patriots take a stand, that we feel the wind of change blowing, that we hold our breathes for a miracle. The miracle is US. Let us make it happen. - Ashfaq - 2014
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