Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A lesson of Life

Happiness is reachable, no matter how long it lasts.


  1. omg!!lolzzz nice surprise seeing ma pic posted ther yea:) thx chou..muahh..indeed life's meant 2 b enjoyed..those precious moments spent wiv ye shal b engraved in ma mind n surely cherished always:) we havent made our life a gnawing routine, yet we make z most of our evryday life 2getha..n dats how i love u mor day by day...take care ma lil sweetheart..lov ye:) loads of sweet kisses n tight hugs:)

  2. lolz.. nice surprise ein :) haha i knew u didnt expect it :P
    yeaa life is meant to be enjoyed and we do enjoy it a lot and each and everyday ;) each moments are engraved in my mind and surely on my pictures :P lolzz.. histoire to keep a souvenir of those nice moments for posterity ! lolzz.. we shall look back on them in the years to come.. and keep rocking more :P haha but surely not less :P
    Wen you shall feel the weight of life on ur little shoulders, you shall look back on those nice moments we had together and im sure u will get back the taste to keep the melody going ;) the melody of our story ;)
    sweeet and big teddy hugs for u :) je tem gat ;) hehe

  3. weaaa... all rounder ;) lolz.. mo rante dans tout .. lolz..

    Naa.. ofet mone trouve sa nice dans 1 forward email.. sameme mone modify li a bit and put it here pou faire bane cams enjoy it :)

  4. This is so cute! Wish Mehnaz and you lots of happiness. :P

  5. oohh that's sooo nice of u morinn, thanks a lot :) wish u too lots of happiness :)


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