Sunday, March 22, 2009

Liverpool 5 - 0 aston villa, LFC on goal streak!!

13 Goals in 3 Matches
Liverpool FC moves closer to the leader Manchester who still has 1 point lead and 1 match in hand, the efforts put forward by liverpool FC the last week has been incredible, Liverpool beating Manchester ( the leader but not for long !!! LMAO) 4-1 .. beating the Real Madrid midweek by 4-0 and now beating premier league 5th ranked aston villa by 5-0 .

Liverpool has beaten 2 champions of europe in 1 week by 4 goals !!! .. If that's not a sign !!

Steven Gerrand scoring 3 goals , the first two goals by Dirk kuyt and Albert Riera.
Nothing is resisting their passion and talent, they are crushing the biggest teams of Europe like nothing .. those excepting a draw with villa were amazed by the talent burst from Anfield Road.. liverpool rockkss..

13 Goals in 3 Matches

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  1. Liverpool pou gagne batter avec 1 ti l'equipe bientot.

  2. hahaaa.. aston villa meme 5th ranked.. in parette wadire 1 extra ti lekip devant sa liverpool la hahaha :-)

  3. pa troo content taaa.. taler liverpool bzin atane 18 ans pu ressi lev coupe laa :P

  4. hahaha.. comier l'anner MANU ine pran pou rattrape liverpool ?? hahahhaha .. talere zamais zotte pou capave ratrape nous la :P haha


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