Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TATA nano, cheapest car of the world

Tata Nano, the car of tomorow
If that's not Engineering at its best, a car is meant to be :
  • Functional
  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Value for Money
  • Reliable
  • Aesthetic
If you ask an engineer to define a car for you, normally those are the factors that will be considered. (and the TATA nano is all That!![Except it is not an executive car;)])

All great civilizations of today, started with a massive push in transportation, we still remember the volkswagen beetle, the morris minor, the Ford T.. and mini 1000 :)
Dad had one :))

Here is what u get with the TATA NANO

However, those companies have deviated, the new versions of their car is not affordable at all anymore, the mini cooper, volkswagen beetle of today cost millions of rupees.

So, here comes TATA's nano :) a car out of nowhere, a company from nowhere !! Who had heard a car company name TATA before ?? haha
This car will be in a few years, THE MUST TO HAVE !!. With the uncontrolled price rise and fall of the oil price, the need for less energy eating cars, the car is no more a luxury, atleast not for many, it is now JUST a way of transport ! .. since everyone has it, it can't be a luxury! It has become a NEED.

Here is why it is sooo cheap

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