Thursday, July 16, 2009

Israel Settlements- When will they Stop ??

Israel is going against all peace conditions and are not agreeing on stopping the colonization of the palestinian territory, thus how can any peace talks start ?

Israel demanded that peace talks can be started only when Hamas stop bombarding the israel settlements, this condition is respected since 3 months now and still nothing. Those conditions put by Israel is only to give them more time to build more settlements and once they are done building settlements. No lands will be left for the palestinian people to live on.

They are taking people who are not born israelis from USA, France, Germany, Sweden, Canada and other countries to put them to live in Israel thus growing their population. Shall also everyone know that those persons live in normal conditions in their own countries but are given money to come and settle in Israel. This such as to rob the palestinians of their lands.

Obama said it, " The settlements in west bank should stop". The population density in gaza is one of the highest in the world if not the highest. Thus, how can the israelis pretend they need more space than the palestinians knowing that the palestinian population is more than israel population and that the israel part of territory is bigger than the palestinian share.

The Israelis are doing all this to rob the territory of the palestinian people and doing so after killing thousands of the palestinian population while the Whole Dumb World Watches.
All those who did not even say a word on this massacre can consider yourselves guilty as charge for remaining silent and NOT giving assistance to dying persons.

Re- Edited words of BOSNIA from The Cranberries.

PALESTINE erects another tomb
( for its children killed on the battlefield with rocks fighting tanks)

Israel, was so unkind

Sure, things would change
If we really wanted them to
No fear for children anymore
There are babies in their beds
Terror in their heads
for the love of life!

When do the saints go marching in?
When do the saints go marching in?

42 Years of Resistance
We will Fight
Till the End
Live Free Or Die Hard

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  1. i usually have a glimpse of your blog and i love your attitude... you do fight for the people through your blog and am sure you shall succeed ahead one day..may your blog be known to others and others to follow such attitude..cheers...God Bless u ashfaq:)

  2. thaaanks :) thxx a lot for supporting me:) hehe

  3. Hai, nice to meet your blog, I'm from Malaysia ...I hope u visit back my blog ..tq


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