Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marwa El-Sherbini a pregnant woman killed in court

Marwa El- Sherbini, a pregnant woman has been stabbed to death in a german court by a racist by the name of Alex W.

Marwa has been stabbed 18 times by the racist in front of her son aged 3 years old and her husband who ran to helped her and was stabbed at his turn and receive a gunshot.
All that in front of the judge, lawyers, court officers and policemen. All watching the scene and doing nothing.

However, from the Europe which produced fascism and Zionism and caused the first and second world wars, who enslaved Africa for centuries, who treated black people as second class people, who treated half europe of barbares,
It could be expected that they are also xenophobe and racists.
Also, as have many of noticed. This information has not been broadcasted anywhere up to this week and the crime was commited last week meaning the european media have hidden the information.
Whereas for the Neda crime in Iran, the information made the world tour in less than 1 minute. And all this only to make you understand that when a muslim is killed by a racist, it is normal and hidden but when a muslim kills someone, the world point fingers at islam.

If, you feel this pregnant woman has been killed and the german court has done injustice to her family and 3 year old son. Then sign this petition.
If, you want to put even the smallest stone in the wall of peace for this world. Then sign this petition.
If, you want to make a difference and say no to racism. Then sign this petition.
If, you feel once concerned and want to say it is enough now. Then sign this petition.

But, signing a petition is not everything, the information should pass on, forward it to your friends and families. So that we can say NO TO RACISM.

Please Sign this online petition: Here


  1. "This information has not been broadcasted anywhere up to this week and the crime was commited last week meaning the european media have hidden the information."

    I'm in the UK and I have seen this in the newspapers this week ... maybe wednesday of before. It got the same headlines like the student one. You should verify your sources before posting something like that.

    Otherwise, yes it should be condemned.

    Btw you forgot to mention that her family was sueing the man for racist harassment/comment.

  2. This is where I read the news:

    btw I remind you that The Guardian is Pro-Tony Blair.

  3. @mauritiusbloglist - that's what i said u seen it this week.. the crime was committed last week .. does it take 1 week for such a murder to be published and don't tell me it was published wednesday of before .. that is the 1st of july because that's the day the person was murdered mid-day and it couldn't have been published same day!!.. you are trying to fool the readers .. your source is from july 7th .. the person was killed on july 1st .. you're headlines are 6 days late !!! .. they hidden the infos ..

  4. @mauritiusbloglist - yea, they were sueing the man for racist harassment already because the guy already agressed her verbally because she was wearing scarf .... this is definitely just a small sign of the rise of xenophobia and islamophobia in europe.


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