Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A legend-King of pop-Michael Jackson- My 1st tape

The First Cassette tape i bought with my sony walkman, that was something.
It's been more than a decade and still this one is really special.
Earth Song, Blood on the dance floor, ghosts are some which revealed Michael jackson, the king of pop, to my generation. So'long.. you will remain in history as a legend.

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  1. Did you watch the memorial yesterday?

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  3. the king of z pop lives on n wil b cherished sure evry1 has got his/her own souvenir of dis oustandin entertainer..whether a k7, a cd or photos etc..he has touched each one of us via his talent...dis is indeed nice dat u kept z k7 since yirs..treasure it man...kip z great legend alive my fren:)

  4. @ blebon - yeaaa i watched it .. dommage ther were not many songs by michael jackson.. it would have been better.. !!

    @mauritiusbloglist - thanks :) i know the trick hehe

    @ malaika- yes definitely.. thanks a lot for ur comment malaika.. nice name .. meaning angel :)guess u r one :)


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