Tuesday, July 7, 2009

UoM - Pros and Cons

If you are a student and thinking about your tertiary education, this might be useful to you. Some pros and Cons about the University Of Mauritius.

  1. Most lecturers are kool
  2. The labs and workshops are equipped with what you need.
  3. Some lecture theaters are cool ! .
  4. You pay peanuts to study at UoM.
  5. You get good training.

  1. No holding hands boys and girls :) it is illegal on UoM territory.
  2. No need to say. At the EOY dance party, keep away from dancing with the girls ! .
  3. No cigarettes on UoM territory.
  4. No benches to sit. You have to sit on the wet grass else go home.
  5. There is only one place to eat. and there are only a dozen seats to eat.
  6. Only one ridiculously small cafeteria.
  7. The grass at UoM is cut once in 6 weeks or more.
  8. The Backyard of the UoM is very dirty.
  9. The computer spots are always crowded if you are not kicked out when there are classes.
  10. You have to walk 400metres to smoke a cigarette.
  11. Don't use your pendrive on UoM computers, you'll take home a virus.
  12. Too many students for such a small university.
  13. The pathways are not covered. In raining days, if you don't have a coat, you will get wet 100%.

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  1. lol ... rightly said for the boy/girl thing ... they are so babyish and a bit too conservative ... sinon pour smoking area la I dunno, mo finn kit UoM depi un peu letemps deja ... enfin bien avant la loi antismoking la

  2. yeaa indeed !! it is babyish.. but for university persons to have decided that.. they are stupid !

  3. Yup no place to sit and hang out. Damn!


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