Sunday, July 19, 2009

Opera 10 Beta 2 - Peregrine is out -

BALLWELL a friend blogger broke the news about the latest opera beta release.. Have not yet tried it but Opera 10 could be worth it knowing that it had all the features of Firefox 2.0, 1 year before firefox 2.0 was released.For now, it is free ... [READ MORE] soo, you mite consider trying this nice program :) .. here is the [link] for the features of the program.
To download follow this [link]
The Opera 10 beta release is even lighter than firefox. It is only 6.7mb and contains already the features that you will have to add with add-ons on firefox.

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  1. You forgot to mention about Opera Unite ... revolutionary, but doesnt work yet ... enfin li still in beta :P

  2. Opera Unite is much more .. ofet .. bizen the final version to be able to use it .. and it will be the only competition wiz google chrome OS seemingly !! .. because it's features simply are too good..
    However, i didn't talk about this simply because unlike the opera browser .. people wouldn't bother about a bigger stuff in beta.. I mean Opera 10 browser in beta .. is worthwhile for once it is FREE .. those whose used Opera before knows of the loads of utilities and that is not free..
    So, the post mainly coz it's free and lighter than firefox and that opera always surprises users by its functionality.. :)
    Thanks for the comment bruno


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