Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stop Destruction of Sacred Burial Mounds

My Aunty whose ancestors and parents have canadian and american-indian blood sent me an invite to a very particular group. I was astonished to see that in Canada at this hour, their is still no justice done to dead people and to their memories. Here it goes, i copied this from the Facebook group to make it available outside Facebook so that others can join in the fight, knowing there are many mauritians in Canada.. and many canadian lovers.. in this fight we should all join the facebook group .. [READ MORE] and here is the [LINK] and you can also find a longer article here [LINK]

A 1,500 year old Native American stone mound was about to be bulldozed near Oxford, Alabama, and the earth used for a landfill to build a Sam's Club, a BIG BOX discount store owned by Walmart.
Protesters there have managed to stop the shovels temporarily but 320 acres of Sacred burial grounds, temples and sanctuaries are at risk.
An Oxford City council member reportedly said, "it ain't no sacred site, it was just used to blow smoke signals"!! Me thinks me smells the whiff of Colonialism in the forms of ignorance, Consumerism and Globalization...
Join The Fight such that your grave won't be destroyed for Walmart or McDonald one day..

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  1. Meme ban mort zot pas laisse trankil aster!!!!

  2. Yeaa .. indeed !! surtout ki most of them are migrants in canada and that those persons were the true owners of the land !! .. moV matte sa ... pfff

  3. You can help saving this Native Sacred Mound by signing the petition and inviting your friends too:


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