Sunday, July 19, 2009

Opera Unite- File Sharing, Fridge, Opera Browser, Music Sharer &more..

Opera Unite - File Sharing, Fridge, Opera Browser, Music Sharer, player, ..
And much more .. this is all Opera Unite .. But Opera Unite is not a software, Opera unite is a concept that enables Users to share their files online, to access them without the need of softwares like filezilla, msn messenger, FTP sharing protocols, shareaza, imesh, ..
Infact, you will be downloading only a browser which is unabled with all the services of Opera unite. The installation is easy .. as you can see on the pictures .. [READ MORE]

The most closely related software to this one is called QNext .. which i have also tried for you... However, the problem with Qnext, is it's size.. 40mb, while Opera Unite is only 7.08mb.

Qnext Loading ...

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  1. Yes I love the concept ... I'll appreciate it more when it ... works :D

  2. lolzz.. yeaa.. however that system should be part of an OS .. would work better i fink .. :))


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