Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tour de France 09

It has been a pure bliss watching the courage, humility and brave heart of those 4 guys the last 3 weeks.
Each one carry a will to fight and win.
Contador : He who was the Leader at Astana and with the coming of armstrong became 2nd leader and on the tour, the only way to make others bend in respect in front of u, it is to teach them.. and he showed to armstrong who is the BOSS.

Andy & Frank Schleck : The 2 brothers, frank fought for his brother for 3 weeks and the latter gave everything he could to pull his brother up. He took his brother by the hand in the Mont Vantou. Brotherhood reminds us live together or die alone. Cheers for the brothers, they were so nice and never got the big headed, always there for interviews and talks unlike some armstrong...

Christophe Le Mevel : The one no one was waiting for and he became the frenchy in the line, and gave me so much pleasure with his pursuits and attacks. Surely, he deserves his place and wish to see him attacking even more next year. :)

Goodbye the tour de france... Hopefully Rendez-Vous Next year, same month :)

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