Friday, November 27, 2009

Eid-ul-adha .. learn more ..

What is Eid-ul-adha ?
It is known by most as the holiday where millions of muslims slaughter cow, ox, mutton, camel ! ..
Well, for most of you who would resume eid-ul-adha to that.. it is not true.
Eid-ul-adha or commonly known as bakr-eid (bakr - meaning cow) - is a very special day for not only muslims but for jews, as well as christians.

Abraham was a prophet of all 3 religions.

This special day is a remembrance day where abraham was called upon by god to slaughter his beloved son, but we would all remember, the son was replaced by a mutton in the end and the son was not sacrificed.
This special occasion is to remember this very historical event which holds many meanings.

However, this sacrifice as i would relate to it henceforth, brings responsibility onto the persons carrying it on.
Here are some of the responsibilities of the persons bringing an animal to be slaughtered to their place:
  • They should give the animal the same food that it has been eating where it was initially.
  • The animal should be aged a minimum of 2 years.
  • Any animal slaughtered before the person has done the eid prayer will not count as a qurbani for him.
  • It is also recalled that the person taking part in a qurbani should not eat anything till he has slaughtered the animal and should eat a part of this meat. However, shall the person not be able to resist his hungriness, he shall be able to eat something.
  • for those who are not taking part in qurbani, they shall not eat until they do the eid prayer on the eid-ul-adha day.
  • The animal should be given the best care.
  • It should not be tied up in such way that it is not free to move.
All those responsibilities should be fulfilled such that your sacrifice is counted as such.

Disclaimer: All parts of this work is original and cannot be copied or modified, without prior authorization from the author.
Eid Mubarak to everyone.
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