Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Camera controlled Society !

Today, It has been officially announced on the M.B.C TV, Mauritius is following the path set by London, Singapore, Paris, New York, and Tokyo, We are ON AIR ! The project of Cinema Industry in Mauritius has been aborted since a long time. But, the government surely has found its replacement. We have all become actors and actresses overnight ! I am really not joking ! .. Those who are so fond of bollywood and try the steps at home, guess what? you are lucky! you can get yourself filmed live and without any fees!

This blog being the one of a non-sectarian mauritian ! Lolz ! shall there be any need to recall that ! I will also talk about Hollywood! Those who are so fond of Hollywood films and walk around with guns, knifes and what do I know, many even bazookas! Those who think that they are riding their vehicles like if they were in too fast too furious, Guess what? your game is over mate! You are under close watch. Those who are so fun of snatching away cellphones, your game is over too.

For those who are a bit shy or want to keep your privacy, its understandable! We are luckily not in France friends, you can wear a burqah to hide your face.
This measure is however a very good one to discourage thefts, beat and run cases, kidnappings and other criminal cases. This also gives a little more freedom to Mauritians in our Free and democratic country whereby you can roam around the towns equipped with cameras freely at night without fear, because Big Brother is keeping a safe eye on you.

In the same line of thought, the next steps to using cameras, would be equipping all police vehicles with a camera, as well as investigation rooms, questioning rooms and police station cells. Those should be equipped the soonest possible with the cameras such that Mauritius can become one of the leading countries with respect to human rights. Thus, our policemen can work safely without the fear of people pointing fingers at them and without whole cases being dismissed under suspicion of police brutality which is a very common excuse for many who get arrested. 

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