Saturday, December 19, 2009

Copenhagen - In extremis ..

Late in the night, the world leaders came to an agreement finally on the maximum increase of temperature. The Nobel prize winner Obama showed once more that he was not worth of the award. The US priviledged once more their economic issues over the climate problems which is due to the industrialized countries. Since, it is the industrialized and developed countries which release the most pollutions in the atmosphere. Obama thus kept a low profile throughout this summit and will be waiting the senate to agree on the position to adopt in january next year. The USA indeed have a big issue with their own laws,they have a law since  more than 3 decades which states that they will not accept any decrease of their own pollutions if China does not do so, which is utterly ridiculous.

Europe, played an important role in the negotiations with Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel and Brown at the forefront to gather everyone. Angela Merkel will be hosting the further negotiations in January and the signature of the political protocol will be made in Bonn.

This summit was going to be a complete fiasco without the prompt intervention of president Sarkozy and Lula who came up with  an agreement and pulled everyone together. The credits go mostly to the europeans and brazil who are showing immense concerns for the planet Earth. The main merit of this agreement is that, the countries like India, China and USA which account for 2.4billion people and more than a third of the world population were going to be left out of the agreement. Knowing that China and India are already out of the Kyoto protocol, this would have been another green light to them, such that they can continue polluting the atmosphere.
The African countries which are mostly undeveloped and not extreme polluting countries like the ones above, will receive for the 3 years, $10billions each year to fight against pollution and deforestation. 40% of the money will go to the deforestation issue.
On the one hand, the countries which are well developed now and which have since more than a century polluted the world and on the other hand the countries which are developing. The first ones mostly agreed that they have to compensate those 3rd world countries for the pollution they are subject to and to help them, except the USA. The developing countries like China and India, say that they are now developing and they have the right to pollute as the developed countries have been polluting since decades. This has been the main disagreement throughout this summit and they have all come to a common agreement that they should do what they can to limit the increase in temperature to 2 degrees maximum.
This summit ended late night with a  very tired Nicolas Sarkozy who seemed to be quite disgusted with motives made by some not to come to an agreement on such a delicate and important issue for the planet. As he said 2 days ago, "Will we all come together here to take a picture as the world leaders who have failed ??".
We will have to wait for January to know what is the percentage that each country will agree to decrease. The next rendez-vous is for next year in Bonn. Until then, the world will have to hold its breath.

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