Friday, December 11, 2009

From Palace to Museum.. Mahebourg

The palace situated on the road from beau vallon to mahebourg, is nowadays called the National Naval Museum or History Museum or whatever they want to call it. But, this building remains a palace as from when it was built in the year 1772.

This palace was used during the famous battle of Vieux Grand Port which seen the victory of the French over the British. Also, shall it be remembered, It was the ONLY naval victory of the French Napoleon Bonaparte and a memorial can be seen in Paris on the Arc de Triomphe on the name of Vieux Grand Port.
The back of the palace can be seen in the photograph below.

The palace was the house of the Robillard family who stayed there for more than a century and later the palace was bought by the government to be transformed into a museum.
Also, you can find a wagon of the train which used to carry passengers as well as sugar cane across the villages not more than a century ago ! It is currently under restoration.

Also, inside the museum, you will come across the bed, cannons, dodo skeletons and this magnificent piano which recalls me the western pianos which were used in bars in the lucky luke books and other cartoons.

The museum of Mahebourg has alas been in the lime light the last few years for stories which do not suit its status, namely the murder of the director of the museum, sunil nosib and the reclamation of overtime from the employees.

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