Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Iran is on Fire !

Iran is currently under a lot of turmoils after the death of the Ayatollah Montazeri. However, what takes my attention is not that the opposition members are rallying against the government of Iran. But, that the population, of course a majority of followers of Montazeri, are now against the Supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The one who is supposed to be out of the political game and untouchable. The one who is supposed to have the full support of the whole population is now being pulled inside the game.
Meanwhile, In one of the most beautiful cities of the Middle-east, Ahmadinejad who was pushed back by Khamenei when he was going to hug the latter, is simply keeping quiet and leaving aside those rifts to the Supreme leader.

The basijis who are the milicia of the supreme leader, who kills and beat up people anytime and whenever they receive orders to, or when they want. The headquarters of the basijis has been attacked without any fear by the population, whereby they have set fire to the police cars and have now entered another phase of the rebellion. The rebellion is turning or has turned into a revolution against the government of the islamic revolution. 
The problem is what do the iranians want to achieve with the putsch against the government ?
The iranians have as only concern that the government is overthrown and that iranians are led to govern the country. However, iranians from other countries are starting to come out of the blue and claim that they can take the leadership of the government. Some analysts on the respected France24 channel claimed that there is no possibility of a transitional government between the overthrowing of the actual government and the futur government. However, Delphine Minoui who is very close to those in Iran since she is herself in syria right now, refuted what the analyst was putting forward. Delphine Minoui argued that the Iranians do not want of a fully democratic government but of a transitional government with the religious head and a parliament with the voice of the people of Iran. 
What would Iranians gain from the destruction of the actual political system? 

The Iranians would gain the liberty to participate into elections, get their votes counted, more freedom to voice what they want to which is the very positive part of it.
The negative part of it would be a new government, probably composed of puppets of washington or London who financed those persons, the oil wells of Iran dilapidated for the sole profit of the USA. A civil war like in Iraq for power to control the towns. Like in afghanistan and pakistan, probably a lot of suicide bombers as well as bombings of government facilities.
What's next?
At this stage where things are heading, there are only 3 possibilities within me:
  • The government will trash up the ones who are going against the government, arrest more people and finally hang them which will silence down the population.
  • The population will come down to the streets and overthrow the government and then make a coalition government and the US and other will want to give them a hand. In the end, the foreign armies will threaten Iran and the new government will have to give them the oil they want to against the bribe of staying in power.
  • The option which I would not like happening ! Because Teheran is such a beautiful city ! A civil war between the population and the government, with everyday bombings in the city and 2-3 years of oppression against the population.
What happened in Iran in the last 70 years that lead to this?
The Shah Mohammad Reza pahlavi of the Pahlavi dynasty, took the reigns of the kingdom of Iran. He reigned over Iran and was putting forward reforms to give voting rights to women and land reforms.
The USA and UK in 1941 invaded Iran since they thought Iran was siding with Germany. They took away the power from the shah. However, since there were no alternatives to the Shah, they let him reign some more over Iran. But, without giving him their full support. The population after his reforms turned against him and overthrow him to put the religious leader Khomeini in charge.
The USA led the destitution of the Shah of Iran who was putting forward reforms to change the lives of the persons in Iran.
The shah of Iran died while on exile in Egypt and now his son, the Prince Reza Pahlavi, legitimate heir to the throne of Iran and actually in exile in France is keeping up with the news and the possibilities of returning to his land to take in charge the country of his ancestors. The country who has seen the kings reign for 2500 years !
However, the Iranians do not know him and they would prefer an Iranian to take power in Iran.

The Game of Words from the USA and UK
The USA and UK, with the help of their popular Hilary Clinton and David Miliband are putting forward all kinds of reasons or leitmotivs to go to war in Iran or giving hopes to the population of Iran so that they overthrow the government in Iran. And also, lack of anyone to take power in Iran, they are going with any person who is being credible in criticizing the republic of Iran. Soon after the elections, Mousavi was that person ! however, what most persons seem to put aside is that Mousavi is a conservative person and they would NOT get as much freedom under him or Ahmadinejad !
The only thing that the USA and UK want is the Iranian Oil or at least someone in the top government to deal with them in terms of petrol barrels!.
Furthermore, the iranians do not deal in US dollar to sell its petrol but in other currencies. The new government that the US would like in Iran would definitely be willing to deal in US dollars, which the US can simply print and get the ultimate free meal ! free oil at least !.

I will really appreciate your point of views and comments on this one..What do you think will happen Next ?

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