Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to me and New year :)

31st decembre, lolz what a long year before this special day i have been waiting for :) Finally it is here. Today, had a wonderful time at the Tandoori Express of Caudan thanks to Mehnaz :) She invited me there for my birthday. Will post pictures later or tomorrow :) Not much time ! The day seems to be speeding away. Planning a nice BBQ tonight.
Oh yea, I had a Non-veg thali at the restaurant which was damn good except the long wait for the food ! lolz.. but since i am a very patient person, it was not a big deal :) haha.
Well, The new year eve coincides with my birthday each year ! lolz.. Everyone is happy on my birthday which is the nicest part of it and everyone is partying here and there.
I had a wonderful year on my blog, thanks to the Mauritian bloggers, joergi (my german friend), my african blogger friends, a big thank to my indonesian friends, as well as those from the United States of America and my british and french friends who always check out my posts. I would also like to thanks Mehnaz who sometimes check out my articles in french for corrections and sends me pictures and stuffs she finds on the Web.
This year has been a blogful year for me, since I am concluding today a list of 117 articles and to be right, its my 31st article for the month of december, to end this year in a blast :)
The stats for the blogs are grossomodo as follows:
Total pages viewed : 11567
Total Visits             : 7089
Most of which are from USA, Uk , Mauritius, France, Indonesia and Germany.
I would like to thank my friends from across the borders, for helping me a lot, for criticizing my articles, for writing back and for sending me their good wishes for my blog.
Thanks a lot to all those and Happy New year to all :)
Going to put up my BBQ grill now, So'long and may the party start ! Let's Unleash Hell !! lolzz.. hahaha

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