Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mardi Gras Today ! Tuesday Grease ! lolz..

Dring ! DRING ! DRRRRRRRRING !!! The phone pulled me from my nice sleep.. pfff.. can't anyone take up that CAALLL !!.. no ! no one would here me in my lonely room ! I crawled down my bed to go and take the call, hearing its not for me, i hanged up and went back to bed.
Then, I realized that it was still raining outside. My eyes closed again. Then, pulled again from my peaceful sleep. There was thunderstorms outside. I peaked at the window next to my bed !
This is what i seen ! I had the genius at that moment to take a magnificent picture !! lolz.. My eyes were half closed though ! :)

 I eventually wanted to see the mountains from the front windows of my room, So I crawled down the bed and gone to the windows ! lolzz..
I was wondering if it was still morning ! lolzz..

Definitely, the ideas seem to be popping out of nowhere one after the other this morning, and I thought why not share those 2 really nice picture pictures with my friends.
There you are ! lolz.. This is a Tuesday Grease, or Mardi Gras if you prefer in Mauritius ! Enough from me ! lolz.. I am back to bed ! .. It is so cloudy today that the sun is shy to come out! and It is so much for our pleasure.. Can't say we are not damn happy with a cloudy and rainy day for once ! lolz.. after the heat these last weeks. So'long friends :)

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