Monday, December 7, 2009

Night Life g.baie & pereybere

The Nightlife in Mauritius is well settled since the last decade, specially in the north of the island, where you can have private clubs, late night shows, restaurants, virtually anything you would find in the main european capitals.

I was there on saturday evening, just to look around and relax, but finally ended up having a nice swim in the pereybere bay with the nice warm water, a small swim which was to be for only 15minutes but finally i stayed in the nice warm until the darkness had covered completely pereybere ! lolz..

Ofcourse, little did i remember, the toilets were closed at night ! lolz.. Doesn't matter, the taps were outside, could wash myself up with a couple of bottles of water from the tap and change myself in the darkness without no one noticing me ! lolz..

Fresh and relaxed, the atmosphere was really nice, no tensions like when going to the beach during the day, no excited or angry drivers around, i drove off to g.baie at an amazing 50km/h !! lolz.. with a bowl of pistache bouillie on ma legs .. I ate while driving and no cars around to force me to go quicker.

Had a long time waiting at the super U KFC whereby i pissed them off and decided to drop by the KFC at jumbo instead, where i was again pissed off by the long queue, I ended up eating a BBQ at the desforges street ! lolz..

This ended a wonderful evening which was not planned at all ! The pereybere beach is wonderful at night, and so is the atmosphere in the North.. Do try it everyone ;)
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