Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rush Hour Decembre ! lolz..

The country has been in an electrifying mood the last days, but the busiest place was certainly Port Louis, the capital city. This is definitely where you can have the nicest deals and surely the nicest gifts for your children, relatives and friends. Port Louis is an all-in-one city, where you can enjoy shopping, eating and even a ride on the sea. Yes ! Port Louis is a Coastal City :)  Sit back, Relax and check out the pictures below. I had no option other than making animated pictures to show you the pictures. There were too many of them ! lolz..

From Caudan to Bourbon street..

From John F. Kennedy Street to Royal Road

The persons coming to Port Louis for shopping were all definitely in a rush ! and so were the delivery guys ! lolzz.. :)
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