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ile en peril ? My foot ! Pure Nonsense !!

This post compared to the other ones is not a joke .. most of my posts lastly were quite humorous if you want. This one is one of those which I do not write often but when some things sound unacceptable to me. Then, I definitely voice it out. Some medium like Youtube are not really the best platforms for good debat which is why I am writing this article.

My reasons for writing this article:
I hate it when people throw mud on others only to gain recognition
I find it unacceptable that some journalist think they can do anything they want (specially when they are foreigners and from Europe)
I find it unacceptable that some people allow themselves to go in an official gathering of a Minister and ask for an interview. And use that interview to defame the Minister.
I find that some people show their narrow-mindedness openly when they come up with causes that could snatch away the jobs of many.

Here it goes:
The documentary was one of the French program Thalassa and it's title Ile Maurice en PĂ©ril ~
The clips can be found at the following can have your own views
Part 1 & 2

Those who know  me would know that i rarely come up with opinion posts else it really hit on my nerves.
To start, the documentary pointed out that the corals were being destroyed around Mauritius and pointed out hotels to be the main causes of this. Furthermore, they went on an island which was leased to some people and there they pointed out that they needed to pay some money to be allowed inside the island. Also, in the documentary we could see the casuarina beach where they pointed out that it was destroying the lagoon since sand was being added on the beach. To end, the guy went on to say that the minister was giving a bad image to the youngsters since he was drunk. 
Most people seeing those videos would probably ask themselves, are hotels found in the sea or on land ? you are right to ask yourselves this question. The hotels are on land and the hotels themselves do not destroy the corals inside the sea. What about the hotels in dubai ? What about Charm-el sheikh in eygpt ? What about The World on the dubai shores .. ? What about the many marinas on the Cote d'Azure in France ? What about the many projects on the shores of france ? What about the Mont St-Michel project ?? Are all that "Eco-Friendly" ?? 
The only problem with those people is that they cannot see further than their nose. The canals that were made for the boats to enter the lagoons are in the interest of the fishermen as well as the tourists. The tourists can enter the lagoon and the fishermen can go to fish outside. The fishermen in Mauritius now have boats, we are no more in 1970s, fish are rare inside the lagoon. They have to go well offshore to find fish. Mauritius has around 177km of coast, and taking merely 20metres of that to make a canal for boats to enter is insignificant. And what is more ridiculous is to make a whole documentary on that.

Mauritius is an island, A lot of the items we have are from abroad and we need ships to come in. Also, the tourists now come on their personal boats and we should be able to welcome them. How can we do that if we do not damage the corals at some places ?? There should be a compromise.

And that's what the government did, why does the documentary do not talk about the many fish cultivations around the island ? or the many fish habitats that were shipwrecked at Mon-Choisy and Flic-en-Flac ? 
The casuarina hotel explained very well its project and interviewing someone who do not know about the project does not mean anything. The project is as follows.. The erosion due to the waves have washed a long of sand into the lagoon the last 50years. The hotel has spent more than Rs20millions to resurface the beach with sand. It is absolutely not against the environment !! 

As far as the minister is concerned, he has the right to drink and to party whenever and wherever he wants to. I mean, he is human like anyone and has the same rights. He  made a party for the french people to come and see how enjoyable it is in Mauritius and it is very normal that while they all were drinking that he had a couple of glasses with them. So what ?? Ain't there toasts done publicly when ministers come to the Clarisse house or to the reduit castle. It is even shown on the News !! so what ?? Does that damage the island's image?? ofcourse not, and all those who think alike would be very narrow-minded. 

Also, the islands were allocated to some people to be maintained and they obtained it on a lease. It is very normal since otherwise, the island would remain the same. Many projects are being realized today with this policy, The Freeport is one example, other examples would be the NeoTown, The caudan waterfront and the many other hotels which are the pride of Mauritius.. ( Touessrock and St Geran)

Some people came up to say that the fish in the lagoon will disappear because of those pathways and that in the years to come the price of the fish will rise. The price will definitely rise, not because of the scarcity of fish, but because our fish are being sold more EXPENSIVELY to European countries and Mauritius will have to pay the high price to be able to eat fish. As far as the scarcity of fish !! The sea territory of Mauritius is much bigger than the land territory of FRANCE !! gives you to think how big the sea belonging to Mauritius is !! 

Do Not Let Foreigners Stop the Development in Mauritius!! When tourists will stop coming to the hotels, what will the 10-20000 hotel workers eat?? Corals ?? We all help to develop the island and not go hand in hand with foreigners to slow the development of the island. The french come here and tell us what we should do or not. They are one of the most polluting countries and they even have tens of nuclear power stations !! Ain't they affecting the Environment ??

We are for ecology and eco-friendly development but there are compromises that should be
Disclaimer: I did not write up this post to defend any political party or any person, I did not attack anyone and I am not liable of being prosecuted by those who posted the video on and will not compensate anyone. This article does not draw prejudice to anyone and is not meant to be an offence.

Your comments are welcomed.

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