Sunday, July 4, 2010

Which OS to choose ??

Ubuntu 10.03 Lts is a free OS which is even shipped to you freely by canonical, It is a robust operating system which can be used from the Live CD without installing anything on your hard drive. Or you can install it on a partition. Something which is not possible to do with a MAC operating system. However, you can try installing the Mac OS on a hard drive and ghost it a partition. 
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My review of the Ubuntu OS:

The Ubuntu OS provides a lot of nice softwares for disk partitioning, video editing and system management. It is thus one of the best OS to choose for a small business( or you might want to try fedora or CentOS). The games are nice and Ubuntu has a software repository embedded inside for quick installation of softwares and updates. The main advantages of Linux V/S Windows OS are known to all of us. 

But it is about the main disadvantages that i had to face that i will relate to you.
Most of the people using messengers, are on either windows live messenger or yahoo messenger. Some also like the versatility of Trillian Astra to provide for social updates from Facebook or Twitter. But the main problem that some might have faced and which I did too, was to get a videocall connection from my Ubuntu OS to someone using Vista OS and WLM.
Amazing as it might seem, there is to date, no programs which can do the connection from ubuntu to a computer under Windows using Windows Live Messenger !!
This is one of the main lacks of Ubuntu, and all those using videocall, would not want to shift to Ubuntu.

One of the Solutions would have been to use windows live messenger on ubuntu with WINE, but this is not really a solution since the softwares are not stable and crashes.

With the ageing of the XP, There were absolutely no alternatives. The secured XP with the millions of softwares, probably the most succesful OS of all times had to give way and had done its time. I needed a change but for what ? and what could be that OS that would allow for the connection to the windows live messenger. After having probed the use of Mac OS and the difficulties to install it without erasing my windows XP which is still to me the best OS. 

I finally choosed to try Windows 7 !! 

My first impression of Windows 7: Amazing. 
I was amazed from the installation of the operating system till the loading and updating of the files. The installation was seemingly quicker than that of windows XP !! a little more than Ubuntu though. But I kept in mind that it was a 2.49gb file that i downloaded !! .. compared to the 700mb cd of Ubuntu ! The win 7 OS installed in around twice much time but it was really impressive. 
Finally, the loading of the OS was quite rapid from what i was expecting. The log in was not that much impressive but we can't get everything ! However, the functionality and the many new features of win7 made me like it. The fastness with which programs loaded was really nice. Not to mention the speed of downloads which were more quick than under windows XP. The 80mb updates downloaded in around 4minutes !! 

My second impression of Windows 7: This is what I needed.
However, I did not forget why I installed this OS primarily. It was for videocalling. So, the next day, I tried the videocalling. Amazingly quick to connect. Everything was smooth. All programs running. The Win7 looked like a brand new car which well oiled pistons right from the showroom.
My third impression of Windows 7: Houston, we got a problem !! 
And then I tried firefox !! This is where the dream turned into a nightmare!!.. The google on firefox seemed to be playing with my nerves in the beginning. It was giving stupid results !! .. Infact, all what i looked for linked back to websites of mauritians, namely Island Crisis, yashvinblogs, .. 
I thought this was definitely not a big problem, just some settings probably, but the settings on google would not open !! wonder why ! can't find an answer to that !! 
Then, I said, let's check our gmail !! .. and there .. 404 error !! :S pheeew.. 2 days now, invalid certificate !! .. the gmail would simply not open !! .. tried nearly everything from virus scanning, deleting firefox to trying on IE !! .. still nothing .. Wonder what the problem is.. 

So here I am , back on Win XP, the most robust and fantastic OS known to humans !! lolzz :)) 
WinXP has more bright years ahead :))

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