Monday, September 13, 2010

Photography & Camera in Mauritius

Mauritians are known to be always looking for new stuffs, and the past decade has been the decade of photography vulgarization. The photo taking and publishing has become a hobby for a lot of persons in Mauritius the last decade. Whether they publish the pictures on the web, or share with families, the photography sector has developed extensively. 
Pictures show sometimes what someone cannot describe in 1000 words. The use of pictures on blogs, social networks, online media or newspapers have been greatly increased the past decade. One of the main reasons for that are as follows:
  • Pictures can be taken from mobile phones and mobile phones are always with the users
  • Pictures are easy and cheap to catch a moment compared to the painting of a tableau
  • Imaging devices are cheaper and more powerful compared to the pre-2000 period

Also, in Mauritius, there are a lot of viewpoints and superb landscapes for nice pictures. The fauna and flora of the island is very rich in diversity. Many persons are very passionate about the photography world came together into one club called the Photographes amateurs et Pros Mauriciens.
The price of those big cameras with a lot of functions and taking super nice pictures are quite expensive in Mauritius for the time being. I would suggest you to start trying your luck on the best deals of above and maybe you will find the one which is more adapted to your needs.
But as would say an army guy, this gun is mine.. there are many other guns.. but this one is mine.. this is my gun. For the photographer or the one who is passionate about taking pictures even from a mobile phone he would probably say, this camera is mine.. there are many other cameras.. but this one is mine.. this is my camera. 
However, if you are just starting in the photography, you would not want to spend a lot of money. Then the Flip UltraHD would be the best one for you. It is one of the cheapest on the market and you can do video and stop the videos and taken uncountable pictures out of the videos using VLC media player. That's a tip. Wish you all the best in the camera world.
And remember,
The camera is nothing without the photographer, and the photographer is nothing without the camera.

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