Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bloggers Unite for Sakineh!

Sakineh, an iranian woman has been imprisoned with charges of adultery in Iran. The woman was first charged with adultery and following protests that she was tortured and forced to give a false testimony, She was charged for murder. Within the court, she had committed adultery with another man and they both planned and killed her husband. Sakineh is now in the death corridor. Rumors about her being tortured at the prison remain unverified. Western media, women rights, as well as human rights associations are asking for her case to be declared null and void. The sentence of Sakineh is death by stoning (lapidation).
Muslim scholar and philosopher, Hani Ramadan, was the guest of 'infra-rouge' on the TSR channel. He explained the laws of the Quran and Hadith, following which he said that the laws are very difficult to be applied and that 4 witnesses are required and even then, if the person accused refuses to admit the crime, he/she cannot be punished. Hani Ramadan thus assumes that Sakineh should not be stoned to death. Other guests described the divine law as being barbaric. Hani Ramadan said that he cannot oppose divine laws and that the requirements for the application of the laws are very difficult to be met in that particular case. Furthermore, he is thinking about contacting the Iranian government in view of discussing the requirements for the application of this law. 

The Stoning is not a punishment only for women, but for men too. It is a general law and the past decade, no stoning punishments were promulgated in Saudi Arabia.

The divine law cannot be opposed but all the requirements should be met for its application and if their are any doubts, we should take great precautions so as not to be responsible of an unwanted death in the case the person is not a criminal. Thus, for this particular case, we are asking that the death penalty is canceled for Sakineh. We appeal to everyone to sign this petition below. More than 30k persons have signed this form. 

What is your opinion on stoning? What is your opinion on death sentence ??
Write your comment below please. 

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