Friday, October 29, 2010

Climate Care Day - Blog Action

Today is the The Climate Care day. The Climate care day is an initiative of the Arkadin Global conferencing and supported by the WWF, BlogCatalog and BloggersUnite. The Climate care day is an special day for many climate defenders. It is an action that holds a lot of meaning. In our globalized societies today, it is easier to travel from country to country and city to city. In some countries, people prefer to take the airplane rather than their cars to travel from one city to another. This affects the climate. The airplane is one of the top pollution machine that man has invented.

What is the climate care day ?
The climate care day consists of sensitizing people about the effect of.. traveling on the climate. The best ways to reduce the climate conditions on our planet is to travel less. One of those ways is thus to work at home. People should be encouraged to work at home rather going to office if they do not need to. Many companies have understood that even in Mauritius and are offering work at home solutions. But, this is on a microscopic scale. Ofcourse, this does not apply to all fields of works. But, for many sectors of activities this could be a very welcomed solution.

Apart from the obvious advantages of cutting down transportation costs to the company, the company will also save a lot in terms of rents since it no more require to have large offices/furniture and equipments.
Many multinational companies organize meetings in foreign cities, where many persons have to travel long distances just for a couple of days. One of the solution to this would be web conferences. 

As an ending note, Remember, 
A small step for man... Is a giant step for the environment.

Do you think we use too much cars everyday? What do you think about working from home?
Give your opinion below !!

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