Saturday, October 2, 2010

Transferanum - What does it mean ?

Transferanum - A word seemingly of latin origin, that not many know the complete sense in the era we are living, for the simple reason that we do not yet know what it is. 
Transferanum - A combined word of Transfer and Anum - The literal sense would mean Transfer between times / era/ dimensions/ age- This word is unknown to us yet. But, the sense of it is already present in our imagination, in our mind. 
Transferanum - Curve the Time to Transfer between the Ages.
Most of those who are used to science-fiction ( sci-fi ) movies would have a broader idea of what that means. The transfer between ages can be seen in well known series like Lost or Stargate. Transfer between ages does not only mean to transfer between ages in the same place we are now but also transfer from planet to planet. When we know that the distance to travel from one planet to another one is measured in light years. It is easy to imagine that we could transfer in time by remaining at the same place and transfer to another planet. That wouldn't be that much of unlogical or unprobable. As the theory of Einstein that instead of going from a point A to a point B. along a straight path. We could curve down the path and the 2 points would be nearer.
Transferanum V/S Transferium
The Transferanum is the transfer between ages while the transferium, is the place where this is done. Typically a laboratory or Military base.

That's the point I am getting to. If we can Transfer in time to such a point that we are 200-500million years back. We would be at the creation of the Universe. Without having to go and explore other places.  

Transferanum is a word I invented and I am the sole owner of this word. Any body wishing to use this word for commercial purposes should contact me ! Just in case some people are thinking are making a movie with that name or with an apparatus in it called that name. This is my property and whoever uses it should require by consent.

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