Sunday, February 13, 2011

Port Louis - Flood Areas !

Port Louis received a lot of rain the past few days and some regions of the capital city were inaccesible due to the heavy rainfalls. Also, due to lack of appropriate water channels ! The water was seen to be pouring on the streets on upper valle pitot ! A situation which is today getting better but more water drains should be constructed for the benefit of those people.

Check out the video: 

All those water are rejected to the sea. What if some of those main rivers were deviated to some sort of cachment zone and forward to a water treatment plant ! It should be pumped into the houses of the people of port louis itself ! That would indeed be a sustainable development project.

What do you think ? Shouldn't we use those streams of millions of cubic metres for our daily use?? Is that water going down not water being wasted ??
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