Friday, March 18, 2011

Attack on Libya starting .. [Breaking News]

The colonel has made a last attempt to reconquer benghazi yesterday night just before the UN decides to put up the No fly-zone resolution. The russians who were discretely supporting libya's colonel gaddafi was slowing the negociation in order to give time for Libya's top man to regain power over large extents of the country. 
Legally, the UN forces or any other armed forces in the region are now free to help the Libyan people in any way that is deemed necessary. France, United Kingdom, and USA are waiting for their Arab allies in the region to lead the attack on Libya. They are mandated now by the UN to protect the No fly-zone. The vote has been passed at 11pm GMT.

The UE and Arab League top members are to meet each other for a meeting today to decide the next steps. But France has already gathered all facilities to strike Libya in the first hours as soon as the UN adopts the resolution. That's all for now. Let's pray for the people of Libya and on this day to be remembered. May Libya be freed.