Friday, March 16, 2012

Sabot dans la roue ! Car Shoe !

The car drivers should always respect the road traffic regulations else life would be difficult for others. The sabot is not a method of repression against car drivers but should be taken as a good way of keeping all roads safe and pleasant for everyone.
Everyone knows that it is forbidden to park your car anywhere, however some persons persist in parking anywhere they want to. There are some cases of emergency that could be understood but most of them are cases where the drivers are just lenient and don't bother about the laws until they caught.
Some need to be caught infringing the laws several times for them to start obeying the laws as the fines would be too high for them to pay. The drivers should therefore understand that the penalty is not a way of oppression on them but rather a way to keep some order. 
Have you ever had your car blocked like this ? :) tell us about your experience.

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