Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mauritius - MFA sabotage COMPLOT ! vs Comoros

Mauritius is participating in the Orange African Cup of Nations and it seems that nothing is being done to promote Football in the island but what is more suprising is that things are being done to make football more unpopular in Mauritius. I will explain why.. 
The Football match of Mauritius against Comoros was not only an important for the Mauritian football but also a historical moment for the Legendary Georges V stadium which was being open after renovations. 
For that occasion, the Entrance was FREE !! 
Why nothing was done from the MFA and Ministry of Youth and Sports such as publicity on MBC and newspapers in order to make the population at large to know about this great event?.
Albeit being completely renovated and for an international match, only less than a quarter of the seats were being used !. 

Desperation of the Mauritian Football fans ! 
Only a few days before the match that we could get information about the tickets for the match, indeed nothing was available on the website of the Mauritius football association! Not even the date and time of the football match. And guess where we got the information? on FACEBOOK!!
Some Mauritian football fans got the information about the match only when the game started and managed to drive to Curepipe hastily in order to have a glimpse of the match since it WAS NOT EVEN BROADCASTED ON MBC TV !! 
Bookmakers and Mauritius Horse racing could have been the reason ? (Hypothesis)
This is just an hypothesis but it does hold. The bookmakers and horse racing companies could have influenced the MFA in not letting people know about this international match since each time the Mauritian team plays, it is a crowd of several thousands people that race towards the stadium.
Anyways, Mauritius won 2-0 against the comoros and we can expect to qualify for the next round. :)
Here is a little video of the match and ambiance ;) 
For those who want to know more about the dates of the next matches check out below:

SOUTHERN ZONE / ZONE SUD  ( 3 teams including host country )
Engaged countries : Angola,Botswana- Comores-Mauritius -Namibia-Seychelles-South
Africa- Swaziland- Zambia- Zimbabwe

Qualified / Qualifiée : South Africa

Bye / Exemptés :
Angola , Botswana, Namibia, Seychelles,Swaziland Zambia, Zimbabwe

Preliminary Round / Tour Préliminaire
39.  Mauritius vs. Comoros
40.  Comoros vs. Mauritius
Dates : Match  I : 30 Nov.01,02 Dec 2012
            Match II : 14,15,16.Dec.2012

First Round
Seeded teams : Angola-Zambia- Zimbabwe-Namibia
Unseeded teams : Botswana–  Seychelles-Swaziland - Win. (Mauritius vs. Comoros )

41. Win. (Mauritius vs. Comoros ) vs. Zimbabwe
42.  Zimbabwe vs. Win. (Mauritius vs. Comoros )
43.  Seychelles vs. Namibia
44.  Namibia vs. Seychelles
45.  Swaziland vs.  Angola
46.  Angola vs. Swaziland
47.  Botswana vs. Zambia
48.  Zambia vs.  Botswana
Do share it :) So that people now know what is being done to sabotage football in Mauritius ! 
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