Thursday, July 25, 2013

Robotized Walking Device for handicapped !

Gone are the days where handicapped persons would have to use the wheel chair and need help all their lives! After the motorized wheel chair which was already quite an innovation, here comes the Robotized Mobilization Device. It not only helps the person to move around. But literally lifts the person up from bed and put him a walking position!.
With the use of the device as you can see from the video, the person can easily do all his daily works by himself, whether going to toilet, preparing food, going to library, .. It gives the handicapped a completely autonomous way to freedom of movement. Of course, as all devices, it comes with a price tag!. Even Wheel chairs do! The price for this great device is only $15,000 (around rs450,000) which looks surprisingly affordable for what it does. It is nearly the price of a car, but honestly at this price, It seems to be worth it. 
For the time being, it is on Pre-order. So, you can go to the website below to make your pre-order and pay $5,000.
Here are the links:
Website for Device and information:
Website for Pre-ordering (reserving) device:
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