Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nitin Chinien V/S MBC/PTR/MASA - ABUS

Nitin Chinien appeared in a video yesterday on Youtube where he states that he is a whistle blower (since when actually! no offense intended) a.k.a lom danzerer (this sounds a bit theatrical)! that mbc shouldn't have messed with and that the police should have taken care of his file and very unfortunate that his file took fire ! And he intends to seek indemnity/compensation/whatever. And he gives all the others 14 days in order to compensate him and he was apparently 2 years without any jobs.
The most obvious questions anyone would like to ask here are the following:

  • Will his fight stop once he is paid his indemnity of some rs2millions and his unpaid salaries amounting to rs800k ?
  • Will his fight stop if he is given back his job at the MBC tv ?
  • Is his fight only for himself or will he take the place and duty that was destined to him and become one the remembered ones like his father? 
All those questions can only be answered by himself and we cannot but wait and see what he is up to ! ... This video, however, is going to go viral on the mauritian social sphere and the consequences are difficult to forecast ! 

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