Sunday, March 31, 2013

Deadly Violent Flash Rains Puts Port Louis on its knees!

Shock and awe, Exactly 4 years later. The writings were on the wall.. 30 March 2009 and now 30 March 2013. This is not an action or sci-fi movie!. Everyone who lived this day in the Port Louis city center today can witness that today was a really shocking one. Vehicles of all sizes floating on water which had inundated the Jardin de la compagnie, Water all over the motorway at the waterfront. The city was paralyzed and the island was on its knees!.

UPDATED 11:27 PM 31/03/2013 : 11 DEATHS

The death toll continues to increase.. The death toll right: 8 victims !. Victims of what ?

  • Victims of the branches and dirt accumulated in the rivers that came down in fury and blocked at the bridges at the canal du pouce !. The river flooded the area and that's where it all begun!
  • Victims of the authorities, why so much garbage in the rivers ?. What are the cleaning services doing ? Are there no quality assurance ?
  • Victims of the nature ? I wonder ! 300mm of rain at Ste Rose in Reunion and NO DEATH. HALF that amount in Port Louis and already 8 deaths and counting !

The writings were on the wall already in 2009 ! and nothing has been done up to now ! check out the link below for what happened in 2009 ! exactly the same except that this time we have deaths ! a lot of deaths !
Keep Tuned !
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