Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tteoobl 318 Waterproof case for camera - (Product Review)

DX.com – DealExtreme The Tteoobl 318 20-Meter Outdoors Diving Waterproof Case for Camera w/ Neck Strap - Black has been purchased from the dx.com website and is quite cheap. The waterproof case comes with a neck strap and all in a box shipped to you in a matter of a few weeks.


Cheap- it is sold at only $12.10 which is actually very cheap since you do not have to buy a waterproof camera and can use your own point and shoot camera with this product with a very low investment.

Secure- With the use of the neck strap, you can swim freely among the fish and be free of your movements. You can then grab the camera when you are ready for a shot and afterwards just drop it and let it hang around your neck while you continue exploring the underwater beauty of the lagoon.

Picture Quality- The picture quality is very good compared to other products where the image gets blurred.

Use: Very easy to use, all you need to do is open the 3 screws and push your camera inside and tighten them back. Then, test to see if water goes inside. If everything is fine, you can start using it. To access the camera trigger, a finger compartment is provided in the design. You can shoot your pictures easily.

Camera Models: It is designed normally for Lumia but I have tried it also with a Nikon Coolpix and it works fine. Should work with most point and shoot small camera having a zoom function.


Size- The camera is a bit loose inside but it can accommodate several models though.

Material- The material looks durable but the opening/closing system seems a bit fragile and will not last for years but for that price it will last at least for 2 years.

So here is a small video of the unboxing of the product:


Bottom line:The product does what it says. It is cost-effective compared to buying a waterproof camera. It is a worthy purchase but maybe it should have been an under $10s product.

The product is available at the following link:
DX.com – DealExtreme - SKU#175447
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