Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Breaking News: Nitin Chinien announces PM Ramgoolam's car to be blocked !

The singer and former animator of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation [MBC] Nitin Chinien, announces on a video post on youtube that a crowd will block and stop the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Navinchandra Ramgoolam's car. He continued further in inviting the chairman of the MBC, Dan callikhan to put a police record.


The ex-animator of the M.B.C says that he has not been paid his salaries and 3 months' notice before being sacked and wants to get paid after 2 years of unemployment. He further states that the police cannot lay hands on him and that he is well protected by the ''ti-dimoune''. 

This new episode could also somehow be some kind of drama viral video the singer and former former animator could be doing. We have no idea if what he is saying is about a real cause to get his unpaid salaries or if this is some sci-fi movie he is making using youtube.

We, however, advice user discretion!,  and wish to point out that the blog has nothing to do with the author of this video, know nothing on the motives of the person who uploaded the video on youtube.com , has no information regarding the allegations in the video and that we are publishing this solely as for entertainment purposes. 

Though, we usually promote activism and freedom of information, this post is solely meant for sharing a dramatic entertainment video with no prejudice to any third parties. 

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