Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kaya - Mauritius Unite ..

A name famous in Mauritius
A man in advance on his generation
A man who united mauritius
A man who promoted the creole language
A nation in the streets to give this man a funeral walk worthy and even better than many statesmen..
Through his songs.. fam dans zil .. he promoted the female gender..
Africa unite .. he promoted unity
Simer la limiere.. he gave a light of hope to my generation
seggaeman .. he promoted music
Kaya .. joseph reginald topize .. a name writing in the hall of fames of the India ocean and Africa..

What better than the 1er february.. to pay tribute to this Mauritian..
Who sang the earth . who paid tribute to Mauritius of his living ..

This man, whose death has not yet been eluded 10 years later.. we pay today tribute to him..
He will remain in the golden pages of history as Someone who showed the mauritian community the way to its identity..

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