Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Anti - Smoking law , Mauritian hypocrisy continues ..

Why should the liberties of some value more than the liberties of others ?
Why should smokers be FORCED to stop smoking ?
Why should smokers not be liable to smoke with other friends in a car which is a private place ?
Why are some persons so hypocrite ?

Tourists will stop coming to mauritius.
People will stop going to nightclubs and bars.
Consommation will go down if it is not already going down with the worldwide crisis.
Tourism rate will fall down.
Around 30% of more of the mauritian population smokes, man + woman, why is a third of the population being marginalised ?
" peace, justice and LIBERTY.." here goes the national anthem..
Unfortunately, Liberty is not for all, but only for non smokers.
Smoking now will cost rs5000 to smokers as fines..
Smokers will be allowed to buy cigarettes in packets of 20 only.

Meaning, Someone wanting to smoke a cigarette once in a while, will have to buy a cigarette box of 20 and has more of a chance to get addicted.

This post is not against the governmental law and does not promote smoking and influence anyone to smoke.
This is just my point of view, and being in a democratic country, i have the RIGHT to explain my point of view.

Since this decision affects more than a third of tha mauritian population, why hasn't that law been asked for a referundum before being voted ?

I am FOR laws prohibiting persons to smoke next to non smokers. I, however cannot understand why smokers should not be allowed to smoke in the open.
Implement a law, yes ! nothing wrong with that. But atleast give the facilities to the smokers to continue smoking if they WISH to.
Smokers should not be marginalised, they are part of the mauritian community.

In the same line of thought, i honestly think that we are not far from seeing a day, whereby, they will put HIV positive persons into concentration camps. Just because of the fear that HIV positive persons could start contaminating people if they get drunk and angry and mad or just out of sick mind.

Mauritians have been for a long time very hypocrite as we have seen before on the laureates issues, on the hsc issues, and many other issues..
It is hereby not amazing that they are showing once more their hypocrisy and trying to impose themselves on others.

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  1. I have 1 question:
    Do you smoke?

  2. yea :) however, my post was on liberty of individuals .. and neways, thers not been anyone to write anything for the smokers.. soo, now its done..

  3. This new legislation is so ridiculous, it makes me laugh.. So now, if I wanna smoke, I have to get to the beach... Let's say am in Caudan, it's the beach innit, by legal definition? so its ok to smoke? If I smoke in my car alone,its ok, but if I smoke in my car with other smokers its NOT OK? Com'on gimme a break

  4. @anonymous - that's exactly it .. :)) good news, talked with a security guy at caudan... smokers can smoke while walking around.. but shouldnt stand a place and smoke.. furthermore at the back of the caudan, loads of persons were happily smoking ! lolzz haha

  5. So now if my husband is driving in the car alone, he can smoke. BUT if I am with him, NEITHER of us are allowed to smoke.


    The debate rages on ...

    Hypocrisy at its best, lol.

  6. yeaaa that's exactly the law ! lolzz :) haha


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