Thursday, February 12, 2009

Electric Storm Over Port Louis Tonight

At the moment i am talking with you, an electric storm is over Port Louis since 1 hour now.
Each minute there is atleast 1 thunder coming across the sky in port louis.
This phenomenon has been witnessed last week.
It is becoming more often these days, hope it does not go on crescendo.
Neways, very wet and slippery day forecasted tomorow, with hmmm loads of dirt in ma trousers and uncomfortable conditions !! pffftt..
:)) However for now dear friends, enjoy the nice weather outside ..

Short Videos of a Few Seconds, Dont Worrryyyy ! lolzz ! All videos are copyrighted!!

And Didnt forget those who are abroad.. check out the vids :)) Ashfaq always thinks bout you guys ;)


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  1. Last night was frightening!

    At around 22,23hrs I had the impression it was over Triolet!
    A friend even told me that an electric pole was struck by lightening in Triolet.

    I haven't even been able to sleep peacefully :S

  2. I've never ever seen this kind of lightning ever before - the arcs were longer than ever!

    That friend is me btw. Electric pole 10m away from my house was struck by lightning! Got the scare of my life (coz my PC was on!) ;)
    Noise was so deafening, I had to cover my ears & almost fell down! :(

  3. lolzz.. that was damn nice in port louis though.. scary but damn nice .. coz in the end .. we were seeing only the flash of lights and the sound was kinda coming from far.. soo it was not that much bothering..

    But it was a nice spectacle.. however its worthening .. !!!..
    We had a damn nice show of lights here tho :)) and thers no electric poles around and no trees which attract thunder.. soo nothing much to worry :P haha


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