Thursday, March 12, 2009

Independence Day ~ Stop Racism ~ Touche Pas A Mon Pote ~

An article well before the hour, at the moment many persons are sooo happy for the independence of Mauritius. I realised that many persons fought for the island to get its independence. But nevertheless, i came to think about something else too.
What if we did not fight to get the independence ?
Yea, what if we did not fight to get the independence of the island, would we still have got the independence ??

Then, i have begun thinking about it. What would would have refrained the British from giving us independence?
Thinking deeply, i came up to the most and least obvious ones.
  • The coconut oil from mauritius.
  • Our sugar and sugarcane plantations and cheap workers.
  • Our vast oceanic territory.
  • Our tourism industry! LMAO .. if it even existed then, wouldn't have been soo important.
  • Our cultural diversity of which we are so proud.
  • Our appravasi ghat, our le morne or our endemic birds and Pamplemousses Garden?
Well, if you think deeply, that's all the reasons you would probably find out why the British should have kept us depending on them

Now, those are some reasons i have begun to think about why the British would have given us independence anyways. Whether in 1968 or later.. But we would have got our independence because
  • Mauritius is on the "route aux epices" going to India and china. Close your eyes, We are back in the 60's now, India just got it's independence, china has annexed tibet to its mainland and the Americans are stuck into Vietnam, the Suez canal is up and working fully. British diverting most weapons for Vietnam through Suez canal. Mauritius is no more used by British for transits on the long way to India. Thus, Mauritius is no more useful. Apart from its sugar.

  • The island in the British India Ocean Territory which can still be useful to the British - American coalition is Diego Garcia island, which is found just in the middle of the Indian Ocean where attacks can be launched anywhere in the Arab countries, Chinese sub continent and Russia. Thus, the idea is simple, We need Diego Garcia and not the whole Mauritian problem, so, we take what we need and give the rest the independance they are asking for. That is what is done. But in quite a nicer manner, they give independence and make the Begging Government which was just asking for independence to give back Diego Garcia for some money. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam gave back Diego Garcia for peanuts.

  • Mauritius would have got independence by will or by force in the 60's or 70's anyway. The British wanted to untie that rope which was weighing millions each year on the British economy since the Mauritian Economy was not producing anything nearly apart from sugar and had it not been with the help of the British we would have starved to death.

Here are some reasons I have come to think about why Mauritius would have got it's independence had our ancestors fought or not for it.
If we are so independent than that, why are we still stuck with the H.S.C, which is nothing else giving back millions to British economy for doing a work which our fellow citizens can do themselves ?

The country is as much divided today as it were some 41years ago, but just that the division is in the hearts and not on the lips. And those whose tongues are not attached, are free to voice out many things. Among which their pride to be holding the reigns of the power of the island and being able to make their people to be elected, those associations are a threat to democracy and should be eradicated knowing that specially 1 of them is registered as political party instead of socio-cultural organization, it is very annoying to think what could have happen if such a party is elected to become the government or it even takes part into election.

Mauritians have become hypocrites, they say they are patriot, but they have other feelings in their hearts which they won't tell. They will hide themselves behind associations and act as if they telling what their people are thinking but in fact they are saying ONLY their point of view.
It is better to hear someone speak their heart out, atleast you know what the person thinks.
Than letting this infection which is gnawing at our society like a cancer spread out in the hearts and in the minds.
This infection should be cured the quickest possible. And for that, it is sad to have come to this, but we need an association like SOS racisme.
I have been thinking about that a lot and will probably have to think about it a lot more, but it would have been easier if there were more patriots who are willing to say HALTE au Racisme and TOUCHE PAS A MON POTE than talking a lot about patriotism and doing nothing apart from publicities on the tv and papers on the walls.
A bon entendeur, salut!


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