Monday, March 16, 2009

Reverse Parallel Parking, Driving test tutorial

If you want to pass ur reverse parallel parking.. check this out, specially if like me you don't go with a driving school car ! .. i didn't practice at all nearly.. only yesterday.. and got my driving permit today ! haha. lolz.. i have been driving and all, i know ! .. but now i am a legal driver ! .. lolzz.. hahaha

And as yashvin said it "Stop when you hear boom" !! lolz.. it is indeed the best of advice ! hahaha


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  1. LOL!
    There is something lacking in this:
    "Stop when you hear BOOM!"

    Congrats for being a legal driver!

  2. lolz.. ! hahaha .. i was guessing too .. lolz..

  3. Very usful tutoriel.. :-) I'll try to apply it next time

  4. :)) hehe ... it is very practical this link .. plus you can note the points of reference on a piece of paper and take it to the parking test..:)) no1 will see it.. and u just follow it and reverse park :) ..goodluck for next time :)

  5. after u mastered this one, u can try this one:
    and ten u try this one:

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